Monday, October 8, 2012

Adventures after Yellowstone...

With the awesome experience we had during Yellowstone, it was hard to just let it go.  When I got back to MCG we were all thinking on how we could continue this life changing experience for our students.  One of the ideas came to me, is to offer a class where we would continue to explore the surrounding environment.  The class I'm teaching now is titled "Trek Pittsburgh".  I've done many classes like this before, but now it has even more meaning.  This past Saturday, we loaded up 12 students and went to Ohio Pyle which is in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania.  This is the home Fallingwaters, Kentuck Knob, Seven Springs and Jellystone Park!  :-)

Here's some images...
 Group shot, you know how I love to take these!
 Familiar face!  Khalil.
 Silhouette of a student with the gorgeous scenery.
 This was taken with STEEEVE in mind! :-)
 Rapids taken by Khalil.
Lower rapids taken by Khalil.

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